2023 AGM

The DeafACT 2023 AGM will be held on Saturday 25th November at 10:15am at North Belconnen Uniting Church, Melba

Please be aware of the following if you wish to nominate for the DeafACT Committee.

DeafACT Committee member expectations:

  • Are committed to the Mission and Values of DeafACT
  • Act with integrity and take reasonable care and be diligent
  • Responsibility to assist and support the committee office bearers in carrying out their duties
  • Attend committee meetings regularly – this is expected to be one meeting per month
  • Participate and respond to committee communications in a timely manner
  • To be an active participant in the Committee. This may include overseeing a project, attending DeafACT events or using skills for the organisation’s benefit
  • All activities and decisions should be in the best interest of the organisation, as opposed to the best interest of the individual board member
  • To keep all board meeting discussions strictly confidential

Board members will be required to:

  • Provide a valid ACT Working with Vulnerable People registration
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest
  • Abide by the Code of Conduct


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