Our History


Canberra Deaf Club sent 15 members to participate in the Australian Deaf Games in Brisbane.


A proposal was made to run the Australian Deaf Games in Canberra, and so a working party was set up to research and set up a deaf association in ACT.


ACT Deaf Sports & Recreation Association (ACTDSRA) was born.


Australian Deaf Games hosted in Canberra for the first time.


ACTDSRA concluded its activities.


The Deaf community in Canberra faced issues with the 24 Hours Emergency Interpreter Service being inaccessible. A Human Rights Commission complaint was raised, and this incident proved the necessity of having a Deaf association to lobby on behalf of the Deaf community.


DeafACT was established on 1st July 2010, with the advice and support from former members of ACTDSRA and the Deaf community.


DeafACT wins Organisation of the Year and DeafACT Vice-President David Brady wins Volunteer of the Year at 2013 Deaf Sports Australia.


DeafACT receives ACT Chief Minister's Inclusion in Sport Award.


DeafACT Secretary & Sports Co-ordinator Chloe Nash wins Volunteer of the Year at 2016 Deaf Sports Australia.

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