24 Hours ACT Emergency Interpreter Service (24h EIS)

In the ACT for all emergencies call or SMS 0450 928 566.

This service is important for providing interpreting access in emergency situations.

The service is called the “24 Hour Emergency Interpreter Service” and is operated by Sign Language Communications NSW/ACT (SLC NSW/ACT), which is funded by the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services ACT (DACT).

SLC NSW/ACT is working in partnership with DeafACT to raise awareness about this service in the Deaf Community and for Emergency Service Providers.

How to use the 24 hour emergency interpreting service?

If you have an emergency you can contact the emergency service at any time of the day or night to organise an Auslan interpreter.

Emergency situations include: police interview; hospital

In an emergency situation you should first contact the Emergency Services by calling 000 or 106.

Once you have called the emergency services, you or the emergency service provider can then call or SMS the 24 hour Emergency Interpreting service on 0450 928 566.

When you call or SMS you will be in touch with staff from SLC NSW/ACT and you will need to give them important information so that they can organise an interpreter. This information includes:

  • Your name
  • The name of the deaf person who needs the Auslan Interpreter (if a different person),
  • An address for the interpreter to go and meet you or the deaf person,
  • Brief details about the situation for the Auslan Interpreter. For example, heart attack, police interview.

SLC NSW/ACT staff will contact the emergency service provider to let them know that an interpreter is being organised, and they will also keep in touch with you until an interpreter is confirmed.

It would be a good idea to save the Emergency Interpreting Service contact number in your mobile phone.

Access to emergency interpreter service outside of regular Monday-Friday, 9-5 business hours can be accessed from here.