We are having DeafACT AGM which will be on

When: Friday 14th December 2018
Time: 6pm for 6.30pm start (will finished by 8pm)
Where: Canberra Labor Club – Chandler Street Belconnen – Room downstairs (Whitlam Room)

Please find attached of the documents and PDF for your attention these are:

1. DeafACT Membership Form for 2018-2019
2. Notice of the 9th DeafACT Annual General Meeting
3. DeafACT Proxy 2018
4. DeafACT Nomination Form 2018
5. DeafACT AGM Agenda 2018
6.DeafACT AGM Minute 2017

With the proxy and nomination forms, please return by Wednesday 12th December 2018 at before 5pm please.

Make sure you have pay and fill the membership form of 2018-2019 which you can have right to vote and involve in DeafACT Activities and volunteers for our future fundraising’s. Can bring the membership forms beforehand the AGM starts.

After the AGM finished, we will have dinner together at the bistro area as our last catch up before Xmas break, one of our board member will book 20 people for the tables, please let me know if you want to sit with us. Dinner and drinks at bistro at from 8pm.

Please share and forward this to your networks please.

Hope to see you there!