To become DeafACT member

DeafACT have annual membership each year (from 1st July until 30 June).

$10 per year (annually) to become DeafACT member, these are for:

  • Any Sports
    • to represent ACT individual or team
    • to participate into any National Deaf Sports Championships
    • to participate into Australian Deaf Games (under Deaf Sports Australia)
  • Any Recreation
  • Any Advocacy
  • Volunteering/helping the fundraiser events
  • Become DeafACT board member/committee (can be subcommittee)
  • Have right to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)/Special General Meeting (SGM)
  • Become a member under Deaf Sports Australia (DSA) and Deafness Forum Australia (DFA) as DeafACT is affiliated with DSA and DFA.

Latest updated DeafACT Membership Form for 2020-2021