ACT Deaf Sports & Recreation Association Inc. – ACTDSRA
(1990 – 1998)

Start at 1987: 

Wendy Home and John Lovett came to Canberra for Australian Deaf Sports Federation (ADSF) business purpose but consulted members under Canberra Deaf Club (CDC), a social club. CDC sent approx. 15 members to participate Australian Deaf Games in Brisbane.


John Lovett asked CDC if we could run Australian Deaf Games in Canberra.

1988 to 1991: 

CDC set up a working party to research and set up Association for ACT


ACT Deaf Sports Recreation Association was born


Attended Australian Deaf Games in Tasmania


Attended ADG in Adelaide. Won the bid to host the Australian Deaf Games in Canberra.


Hosted ADG in Canberra, the best Australian Deaf Games ever!


ACTSRA closed and died. Money were kept in the Government Trust.

DeafACT History
(Deaf Advocacy, Sports & Recreation ACT Inc.)


  • Issues with 24 Hours Emergency Interpreter Service being “cut off” – Deaf Community raised an Human Rights Commission complaint.

Late 2009

  • CDC committee asked Greg Ophel (the former ACTDSRA) for advice on how to set up organisation (i.e. getting grant and organise Sports Carnival in ACT)


  • Consult the ACT Deaf community of the 24h EIS situation and support the idea of setting up a new organisation, “ACT Deaf Board” by lobby members
  • Deaf Australia (DA) and Deaf Sports Australia (DSA) invited by the lobby members to come over and setting up a working party as to work out how to set up a new organisation and Constitution & Rules (C & Rs).
  • The working party (8 of volunteers) to consult ACT Deaf community news updates with CDC’s help (use of their social nights and rooms)
  • ACT Deaf community selected the name of the organisation “DeafACT” as Deaf Advocacy, Sports & Recreation ACT which established on 1st July 2010.
  • Cost money to set up C & Rs and fees by selling Chocolate as a fundraising
  • Getting money returned from the Trust (2010 to 2013)