Community Guidelines

Social Media

DeafACT encourages the use of our Facebook page as a safe space where community members are comfortable and included. We also encourage healthy discussions where everyone can feel confident to contribute.

By interacting on DeafACT’s Facebook page, you agree to the following:

• Respect others and their opinions. Everyone has different opinions and may not agree with you, but it is important that you respect them by entering a healthy discussion with an open mind. Personal attacks, trolling or abuse will not be tolerated.

• Stay on topic whilst responding to a post.

• Comments that are found to be offensive, abusive, threatening, or unlawful will be deleted.

• DeafACT’s reserves the right to delete inappropriate activity and to ban any community member who consistently is found breaching DeafACT’s online community guidelines.

• People who are found in breach of the community guidelines will be given two warnings. If they continue to breach the community guidelines, they will then be banned for 30 days as per Facebook’s community policy. If the breaching behaviour continues we reserve our right to enforce longer bans up to indefinite. Reinstatement will be at the discretion of DeafACT’s.

• DeafACT’s Facebook page is moderated by volunteers we get to things when we can please excuse any delay.