Current Board


President: Jacob Clarke

Vice President/Secretary: Louise Irvine

Treasurer: Juliet Dowling

Public Officer: Claire Young

Committee Members (up to 10 committee)

  • Brooke Pape
  • Claire Young
  • Joseph Davies
  • Laisarn Leong
  • Lina Tan
  • Lauren Reid

Contact DeafACT if you want to join our board, we have vacancies for committee members. You must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing to join the board. Members of the the committee can choose to work in either advocacy, sport or recreation as suits their interests.

If you want to be part of the “subcommittee” of one of the three groups such as grant/fundraising committee, website committee, sports committees (netball, touch etc) and other groups can be set up under DeafACT.

Hearing Parents/Guardian of Deaf/HoH children (from birth to 18yo) or Hearing Teachers, Auslan students can participate on subcommittees but must become members of DeafACT.

Awards won by DeafACT

* Winner – 2016 Deaf Sports Australia – DeafACT Secretary & Sports Co-ordinator Chloe Nash – Volunteer of the Year

* Winner – 2013 Deaf Sports Australia – Organisation of the Year

*Winner – 2013 Deaf Sports Australia – DeafACT Vice-President, David Brady – Volunteer of the Year

* Winner – 2013 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion in Sport