About DeafACT

Deaf Advocacy, Sports & Recreation ACT

Deaf Advocacy, Sports & Recreation ACT (short for DeafACT) is a not-for-profit organisation. We are a group of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who lobby for and promote advocacy, sports and recreation activities to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HoH) community of the ACT and surrounding NSW areas.

DeafACT established in 2010 by working party (group) of 8 Deaf and HoH members.

In the past, we had the association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People called “ACT Deaf Sports & Recreation Association Inc. – ACTDSRA (1990 – 1998) but started in 1987 by Canberra Deaf Club – social recreation group.

In 2010, DeafACT was launched the 24 Hour Emergency Interpreter Service (24h EIS) funded by Disability ACT, running by SLC NSW under the Deaf Society (NSW). DeafACT and Deaf Society worked with each other to get the service running. Many thanks to local interpreter Brett Olzen for fulfilling this role for many months before handover to SLC NSW.

DeafACT has been a member of Deaf Sports Australia (DSA) since November 2010. DeafACT are now looking for new members to join in and more sporting groups to set up for future National Deaf Sport Championships and or Australian Deaf Games (ADG). This also includes Active Deaf Kids Program (ADK) that was running by DSA and DeafACT worked with DSA over this excellent program since 2011. DeafACT always supported DSA with this ADK program annually, which you can find on the Active Deaf Kids website. DSA encourages support for this program for Deaf and HoH children around Australia especially here in ACT and surrounding NSW areas. You can donate here.

DeafACT has also been an affiliated member of Deafness Forum Australia (DFA) since 2011. DeafACT is working with DFA over the Hearing Awareness Week especially with the Silent Sports Challenges for campaign of Hearing into National Priority List at the Federal Parliament House in Canberra. DeafACT is supportive of the campaign that DFA running – “Break the Sound Barrier” ( link here), this campaign aims to ensure that that Deafness becomes a national health policy priority. Once you have priority status with will unlock more funding for services, more investment in research and better community education.

Although much of DeafACT’s work revolves around participation in Deaf sports. DeafACT is also working hard on advocacy and recreation for Deaf and HoH people in the ACT and surrounding NSW areas. Examples of this include lobbying for open captioned cinema, hosting NDIS information sessions, the provision of free workshops of Auslan programs for families who have deaf or HoH children and more.

In terms of recreation DeafACT supports a Deaf Seniors ACT Group, helps to promote signed Arts Gallery Tours put on mytour national institutions, promotes Canberra Deaf Club gatherings and hosts its own fund raising community events such as sausage sizzles and functions.

Anyone interested in being a member or who wishes to get involved can contact us via email.

DeafACT wishes to thank to our major sponsors

  • Uniforms Suppliers – Server Rack Australia (SRA)
  • Website sponsor – Canberra Labor Club
  • Website developer – Rowdy Digital

In addition, would you like to be our sponsor/donate for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing People to help lobby their needs in the sports, advocacy and or recreation. Please do not hesitate to contact us via contact us or via email.